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Do you think you and your family pay too much or too little in taxes or about the right amount? In a recent poll, 99% of Marylanders say they pay enough or too much in taxes. Just 1% said that they pay too little in taxes. Most Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated respondents, all ages, races, and genders, said they don’t want to pay more in taxes. So, does it surprise you that the Governor claims his budget does not include any tax hikes; however, his agencies and departments are pushing for increased regulatory fees at an alarming rate.
Say NO to removing the flying mission of the Maryland Air National Guard!
I joined six Maryland House of Delegates members in a letter to President Biden and United States Congressional leaders about the immigration crisis.  Read our press statement and the letter.
Jump into Action and support Fairness in Girls’ Sports – HB47 – by signing the petition, coming to the press conference, and testifying at the bill hearing.
Read a letter written by myself and six colleagues in the Maryland General Assembly calling for a reversal of this discriminatory policy.
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