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When preborn life is so easily discarded, we are not working in the best interest of ALL Marylanders.  All human life is equal and worthy of protection, and we aim to be a voice for the voiceless.  We will not give up standing for the right to life - including teenage girls, women, and their preborn children! Watch our colleagues push back today on the House floor in honor of International Women's Day.
In a recent survey by Delegates Nawrocki and Szeliga, crime was by and far the top concern for citizens. And juvenile crime tops that category. “We must go back to holding juveniles accountable for their dangerous and illegal behaviors,” said Delegate Szeliga
Biological females are being required to compete against biological males identifying as females in high school and college interscholastic and intramural junior varsity athletic teams or sports sponsored by public schools. This is not a level playing field.
Week six of our 90-day legislative session has come to an end and the law-making machinery is off to a slow start. That is good for taxpayers and citizens alike as the House of Delegates continues to hold all committee meetings virtually and rarely convenes in person in the house chamber. The benefits of the overly strict and heavy-handed rules imposed by the leadership in the House of Delegates is that fewer bills are getting passed and that citizens have better access to watching lawmakers in action and weighing in from their home or office on bills they care about.
Our lives have been turned upside down. We have never seen such a time. Not just our nation, but our world, looks much different than it did just one month ago. Do not lose heart or grow weary. We are fortunate to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth, The United States of America. Our economy was the greatest it’s ever been and Americans are rising to the challenges before us. We will be back. We will not be defeated by this invisible enemy. We are all in this together and together we will overcome this virus and be as strong as we were.
A recent Goucher College Poll asked Maryland residents about the Kirwan Commission: 77 percent – have heard or read nothing about the Kirwan Commission. 22 percent – have heard or read a little, some, or a lot about Kirwan