Trash talking Ronald Reagan


Maryland Democrat Party attacks Reagan and Hogan

This is the unedited statement put out by the Maryland Democrat Party on Tuesday, March 19th.

Annapolis, MD—Last night, after Governor Larry Hogan claimed in an interview that he comes from “the Ronald Reagan school of politics,” Chairwoman Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings stated that “With this, Larry Hogan promises to be a dog whistle white nationalist instead of a Trumpian white nationalist. This is a cold comfort when what the world needs is love & Unity.”

In addition to policies that directly undermined Civil Rights, Ronald Reagan infamously used derogatory terms like “welfare queen” to play on racist imagery and stereotypes in order to draw support for his political platforms. There is a troubling parallel between Reagan and Hogan’s political rhetoric, as demonstrated by Hogan’s comments yesterday when he criticized the Democratic-controlled legislature, saying it “seems to be the most pro-criminal group of legislators I’ve ever seen.” Yet this is not new for Larry Hogan. From killing Baltimore’s Red Line to his war on public education, Hogan has channeled Reagan in both rhetoric and deed by his track record of public hostility toward underserved communities.

Hogan’s comments yesterday were insensitive and irresponsible, and like Reagan’s derogatory comments before him, will only exacerbate negative stereotypes, divide Marylanders, and contribute to a more toxic political culture. The Maryland Democratic Party is calling on Larry Hogan to apologize for his comments.


To be clear, the Chairwoman of the Maryland Democrat Party called Ronald Reagan a “white nationalist,” who used “derogatory comments.” While accusing Governor Hogan of contributing to a toxic political culture, she throws around words like dog-whistle, white nationalists, and hostility toward underserved communities.

You have to ask yourself exactly who is creating a toxic political culture.

Ronald Reagan won the 1984 election by a LANDSLIDE! Reagan won 58.8% of the popular vote and carried 49 of the 50 states, including Maryland. He received the most electoral votes EVER.

Ronald Reagan was one of the finest presidents who has ever served our great nation. His record on ending the cold war and improving the lives of all Americans is clear. Reagan brought about one of the largest peacetime economic booms in US history.

The Maryland Democrat Party should immediately issue an apology for trash talking Ronald Reagan in an attempt score some kind of political gain over Governor Hogan.

The hollow calls for “love and unity” are overshadowed by the bombastic and false characterization of President Reagan and Governor Hogan.

Here is an article with more details on this situation:

Gun violence

The headlines over the last week covering the violent crime in Baltimore City are disturbing. Here are just a few:

  • Man shot inside West Baltimore home – same block of triple shooting last week
  • ‘Another day in Baltimore’: A teen was shot in his neighborhood
  • Woman arrested in playground shooting of mother and 11 year old boy

Lawmakers in Annapolis have less than three weeks to deliver on measures to help turn things around in Baltimore City. Unfortunately, I do not see anything of substance that will address the crime issue passing or in the pipeline to pass.

Instead of focusing on criminals using firearms, the easy target for activists and liberal lawmakers is law-abiding firearm owners. Two bills passed out of the House of Delegates this week that will do nothing to deter gun violence even though they are heralded by the activists.

The first bill bans 3-D printed guns, HB 740. No one has been killed by a 3-D gun. They are not reliable or accurate and, according to experts, can possibly be fired once before posing an extreme hazard for the operator. Of the more than 1,000 people who were shot in Baltimore City last year, no one was shot with a 3-D gun. Matter of fact, building an operative 3-D gun costs far more than purchasing a regular gun. This bill is just silly and a feel-good measure for people who haven’t done their research and just want to claim they voted for something about gun control.

The other bill that passed out of the House of Delegates is HB 786, use of and transfer of shotguns and rifles. This bill also sounds good, but it would not have prevented one murder last year in Maryland. The person who killed five people at the Annapolis Capital newspaper, did use a rifle but he had purchased it legally. I voted against this bill because it will not prevent gun violence. It’s another feel-good bill with no real impact on violent crime.

There were two measures offered on the House floor in the last week that would have helped with the gun violence problem. Currently, it is only a misdemeanor to steal someone’s firearm in Maryland. The bill offered on the House floor would have made it a felony to steal a firearm. This would help get stolen guns off the streets by allowing prosecutors to lock up people who possess stolen firearms. This failed. Here is the vote.

The second measure offered on the House floor would have instituted a mandatory sentence for repeat offenders who use firearms in the commission of a crime. It also makes using a gun in the commission of a crime a felony. The prosecutors plea away gun crimes for lesser charges and put the criminals right back in crime ridden neighborhoods. This measure also failed. Getting tough on violent criminals who use guns will certainly make Baltimore safer. Here is the vote.

This year to date in the City, there have been more than 60 homicides, and non-fatal shootings are up from last year. There is a little more than two weeks left in this year’s legislative session. Hopefully, something meaningful will be done with regards to violent crime to help stop the killing of innocent people in Baltimore City and the surrounding area.

If strong action, or at this point some action, is not taken to address the violent crime, I will continue to tearfully report that we are watching the death of Baltimore City.

School Safety

Saturday, Baltimore City lawmakers voted against a bill to allow police officers to carry guns while patrolling in schools. In every other county across our state, police officers/school resource officers are armed in our schools. The vote was 10-5 against the bill.

Even after the shooting inside Frederick Douglass High recently, lawmakers still rejected the idea. One lawmakers opposed to police being armed said that there is little evidence that arming school police officers inside buildings would make children safer. This is simply not true. Just last year in St. Mary’s County at Great Mills High School an armed school resource officer stopped a gunman after he killed one girl and injured another. If a bad guy with a gun knows there is an armed officer in the school who will confront and stop him, he will be deterred from even going to a school. Armed officers in our schools is a preventive measure to keep our kids safe.

Conversely, just days before, the very same Baltimore City Delegation voted 9-4 in favor of allowing Johns Hopkins University to have a private armed police force to protect the students and facility. In complete disbelief, Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the school police union, said, “They voted against the public school students but voted to support a private institution.” Of the vote against the City schools, Boatwright also said, “The students and staff of city schools deserve better. It’s clear to me that some people that have decision-making power in Annapolis are out of touch with the reality of Baltimore.”