Recent Attacks on Pro-Life Activists

Although the pro-life movement has peacefully worked to reduce abortions in America, others have not been as peaceful.  Since the overruling of Roe, pro-life activists around the nation have been subject to violence and assault, and it has even happened close to home.

Save Women’s Sports

I will reintroduce Save Women’s Sports Bill again in 2024. The tide is turning according to public opinion!

Memo to the Pro-Life Community

Tomorrow marks one year since the landmark decision of Dobbs vs. Jackson which fundamentally changed the conversation regarding preborn life. Maryland’s Democratic supermajority was determined to “enshrine” abortion rights and a package of bills was passed that negatively impacted the preborn’s right to life. You can read about the bills in this memo to the pro-life community.

Baltimore Auto Thefts at All-Time High

Have you heard about the skyrocketing number of auto thefts in Baltimore City AND Baltimore County?  

I joined six other prominent Republican legislators in sending a letter to Mayor Scott and Commissioner Harrison of Baltimore City after they announced they were suing Hyundai and Kia in an effort to fight auto theft.

Press Statement – SB460

Read a joint statement from the District 7 delegates regarding the Trans Health Equity Act that was signed into law by Governor Moore.

2023 End of Session Letter

2023 Legislative Session Review

Representing you and your family in Annapolis is an honor and privilege. Following is a summary of the work accomplished during the 2023 legislative session. We stand adjourned until Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

Great News!

Ryan Nawrocki and I thank Baltimore City for taking swift action and stopping the toxic waste from the railroad disaster in East Palestine, Ohio from being discharged into our state.

The health of the citizens of the Baltimore region, and the Chesapeake Bay, are the priority for all elected officials.

We will still be working with Senator Mary Washington and other colleagues to pass legislation for a long-term plan to avoid this issue in the future.


We stand firmly against letting this TOXIC water get into the Chesapeake Bay!  If you agree, sign our petition: Sign the Petition – Oppose Toxic Waste! (