Save the Flying Mission of the MD Air National Guard

The Maryland citizen airmen and airwomen at the Maryland Air National Guard have been in active flying missions since 1921. The Maryland Air National Guard has participated in dozens of deployments throughout the world since September 11, 2001. The Warfield Air Base is the home of six hundred pilots and maintainers and has won numerous Air Force awards for its readiness. The loss of a flight mission in Maryland could mean ending the direct careers of six hundred highly qualified military personnel and thousands of indirect careers.

This month, the National Park Service announced that Baltimore County, Maryland, would be added to the American World War II Heritage Cities Program which honors the contributions of local towns, cities, counties, and their citizens who stepped into the workforce to support America’s war effort. This base in Middle River, in particular, is an essential part of our country’s aviation history and was critical in supplying aircraft during the Second World War. If the flight mission is taken away from the Maryland Air National Guard, Martin State Airport and the State of Maryland will suffer a substantial negative economic impact of tens of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, Maryland would be the only state in the nation without a National Guard flying wing. During a recent briefing from the Maryland Air National Guard regarding the potential removal of the flight mission, the leadership emphasized that Maryland’s mission is the only location in the nation with a joint force of fighter operations and offensive and defensive full-spectrum intelligence operations. The long-term training and exquisite skill set necessary to maintain this joint force is only found right here in Maryland. This potential removal would hurt our national security because of the importance of swift decision-making in modern warfare. This is a strategic advantage that we cannot lose.  

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Read the unanimous letter from the Baltimore County House Delegation to the Secretary of the Air Force: