Illegal Immigration Crisis

I joined six Maryland House of Delegates members in a letter to President Biden and United States Congressional leaders about the illegal immigration crisis.  Read our press statement and the letter below:

The lawmakers were shocked and appalled that Governor Moore and eight other state governors asked President Biden to send more money because of the flood of immigrants that have entered their states.  Rather than addressing the humanitarian crisis at the border and asking President Biden to enforce immigration policies, Governor Moore and these other state leaders are simply trying to throw money on the fire.  

The delegates firmly believe that the open border policies of President Biden are putting every American citizen at risk.  Their letter to the President points out the dangers of fentanyl, violence, human trafficking, terrorism, and the inability to provide free healthcare for millions of unskilled immigrants flooding our southern border.   

Delegate Matt Morgan from St. Mary’s County said, “The lack of focus on the humanitarian crisis created by the millions of immigrants who have crossed our southern border is nonsensical.  Instead of asking the President to carry out his constitutional duties to control immigration, these governors are asking for a federal handout, which is like bailing out a sinking boat with a coffee cup.”

“The President and Congressional leaders should immediately reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy, close our borders, and thoroughly examine any foreigner seeking entry into our country,” commented Delegate Kathy Szeliga of Baltimore County. The group of seven Maryland representatives urges these solutions to the crisis at the border being felt across our country.