Hate Crime Commission

In a letter to Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown, I joined six other delegates from across the state are requesting that the state’s Attorney General remove Ms. Zainab Chaudry from the newly created Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention. In addition to serving on this Commission, Ms. Chaudry also serves as director of the Maryland branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). She was appointed to the Commission in August. Read our letter below:

Most of the Republicans in the House and Senate voted against the bill establishing the Commission on Hate Crime Prevention and Response earlier this year –  HB1066. The poorly written law has proven to be nothing more than virtue signaling if there is no way to suspend or remove members of this Commission regardless of their actions.

Ms. Chaudry called Hamas ‘freedom fighters’ just two days after their barbaric attacks on innocent civilians in Israel.  She also said the babies brutally murdered by Hamas were fake.  The drumbeat of Ms. Chaudry’s hateful rhetoric is chilling and illustrates how this new Commission is laughable and feckless.