Recent Attacks on Pro-Life Activists

Although the pro-life movement has peacefully worked to reduce abortions in America, others have not been as peaceful.  Since the overruling of Roe, pro-life activists around the nation have been subject to violence and assault, and it has even happened close to home.  In late May, two pro-life activists were praying outside of a Planned Parenthood location in Baltimore City.  They were viciously beaten, kicked, and knocked to the ground before being taken to the hospital for their injuries.  Both peaceful activists were elderly men who were within their legal right to assemble and pray, and they were not causing any harm to anyone on the property.  This is not just an attack on pro-life activists but also on their freedom of speech.  No one, regardless of opinion, should be subject to such violence for trying to save lives. 

After learning of the attack of the two older gentlemen outside Planned Parenthood on North Howard Street, I wrote a letter along with Delegate Lauren Arikan and Congressman Andy Harris to the Attorney General asking for the vicious incident to be investigated as a hate crime.  Then on July 8th, an 83-year-old woman Olga Fairfax was physically attacked as she prayerfully protested in front of a Takoma Park office building that contains an abortion facility.  This was an unprovoked, brutal assault from a woman who, despite heavy traffic, stopped her car, jumped out and proceeded to land one blow after another on Ms. Fairfax.  Read our first letter to the Attorney General below: