Will YOU see a tax cut?

Posted Dec 28, 2017

The GOP tax reform – good or bad?

You can check your own taxes here to see if you will see a savings next year -


There has been a lot of speculation about the historic tax reform passed last week in Washington DC. The main-stream-media has everyone convinced that their taxes are going up. Because of this, the approval rating for this historic reform plan is approximately 40%. By February, people will see more in their paychecks and Americans’ attitudes will turn around.

The facts are that 80% of Americans will pay less in federal taxes.

Here is a chart put together by CATO. You can see that the biggest winners of this tax reform package are working families and middle income Americans.

CBS This Morning, a very liberally biased program, did a report comparing three families across the country. All three will see lower taxes even in the states they chose, California, Rhode Island, and North Carolina! I’m sure it killed them to report something positive about the GOP Tax Reform package. The report shows that an average American family of 4 will see a $2,059 tax cut next year.

You can watch the short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3OG5zL51Bg

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