Szeliga WINS + More!

Posted Jun 28, 2018

Tuesday’s Election

With your support and encouragement, I’m happy to report to you that I was the top vote- getter in Tuesday’s election in District 7’s House race! Despite numerous negative attacks and some dirty tricks from opponents, voters elected me on Tuesday in the Primary Election out of a crowded race of 13 candidates!

Thank you so much for the help of family and friends and for those who voted for me! Here are a few pictures from Tuesday. My mom worked a poll, and my granddaughter, Avery, “helped” me at the polls and we made some new friends!

Results & Analysis

Election Day always brings a few surprises. Senator Mac Middleton from Southern Maryland was defeated. Mac Middleton, Chairman of the Finance Committee, is one of Senate President Mike Miller’s closest allies. Young challengers from the House of Delegates defeated Senate Chair Joan Carter Conway and Senate President Pro Tem McFadden, both Democrats from Baltimore City. Tuesday’s election, along with the retirement and exit of others have truly diminished Miller’s leadership circle.

Democrat Senate President Mike Miller sent out a lot of mail in Frederick to Republican voters in an attempt to elect a weaker GOP candidate in the primary election. Miller was scheming to help his own Democrat Senator Ron Young prevail over a weaker GOP candidate. GOP voters were not fooled because Republican Senator Mike Hough was able to get the word out and expose this tomfoolery. Our GOP candidate, Craig Giangrande, won with 76% of the vote because of his hard work and the support from Mike Hough. We have a good opportunity to defeat Senator Ron Young in November.

Ironically, had Senate President Miller sent that mail to Democrats to protect his own members instead of interfering in a Republican primary election, perhaps one or more of Miller’s three lieutenants would not have been defeated. Looking ahead to 2019, President Miller has already lost 3 of his 4-committee chairs and many others who have retired or run for other offices.

A number of incumbent Democrat House members were defeated on Tuesday in Montgomery County. The House GOP Caucus is intact and we expect all those who ran for re-election to return to Annapolis with us. However, with the total number of house and senate members retiring, running for other offices, or defeated, there will be a lot of new legislators in January in both chambers in Annapolis.

My good friend, Al Redmer, soundly defeated Pat McDonough for Baltimore County Executive giving Republicans an EXCELLENT chance of winning that seat in November. The three Democrats are in a dead heat and that race will not be decided until mid-July. Al Redmer has the common sense, executive, and business experience to be one of the finest county executives Baltimore County has ever elected. Please join me in supporting Al Redmer as we forge ahead to re-elect Governor Hogan in November.

Kathy Afzali, another good friend, won the GOP Primary for Frederick County Executive. Afzali also has a great opportunity to win in November. We will have a number of opportunities in Frederick County in November. Stay tuned on that!

Give Us Your Wallet

The Big Blue Wave that has been predicted for this year’s elections may turn out to be a small wave or maybe even a ripple. In Maryland, voters know that the election of Ben Jealous as the Democrat nominee for governor is a huge leap to the left, even for our state. It’s only been four short years since Martin O’Malley’s liberal leadership rained down 43 taxes and fees, stalling our economy and hurting hard working families across our state. Ben Jealous is promising legal pot, free healthcare and free college and he has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders. If Ben Jealous gets elected, the Welcome to Maryland sign won’t say, “Open for Business,” it will say “Give us Your Wallet.” Maryland families cannot afford Ben Jealous.

Who Loves a Parade?

Wednesday is the 4th of July. The BEST parade in Maryland is held in Kingsville on the 4th. This short parade route is perfect for families and people of all ages. Parade marchers give out candy and balloons along the route!

HELP WANTED!! Walk in the parade!!
LOCATION Kingsville Vol Fire Department – Baltimore County
PARKING Grace Community Church – 11611 Belair Rd, Kingsville, MD 21087
Please email me at for more information or if you can help out on July 4th. Your kids and grandkids will LOVE making this memory.


Thanks for your interest in the important issues facing Maryland today.

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God bless you and your family!