Say NO to Sanctuary State Status

Posted Mar 2, 2018

Sanctuary State Update - ACTION NEEDED!

Some in Annapolis would like to turn Maryland into a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants. Most people think this is not the right track for Maryland.

I am the sponsor of HB 1308, Keep Our Communities Safe Act of 2018.

This bill will require law enforcement to turn over illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) if asked. Common sense dictates that illegal immigrants who have both entered our country illegally then proceeded to commit crimes should be turned over to the proper federal authorities. Maryland should not protect criminal illegal immigrants. The bill hearing for HB 1308 is on March 13 in the House Judiciary Committee. I have 48 of the 50 House Republicans cosponsoring this legislation.



There have been 14 bills introduced in Annapolis this year regarding immigration issues. On the other hand, the pro Sanctuary State bill introduced last year has been introduced again this year. HB 1461, Criminal Procedure - Immigration - Supporting All Families Everywhere, will essentially establish Maryland as a Sanctuary State. HB 1461 is also being heard on March 13 in the House Judiciary Committee.

Should you wish to submit written testimony in on either or both HB 1308, Keep our Communities Safe Act, or HB 1461, Make Maryland a Sanctuary State Act, you can email your testimony to me at It is due to me by March 12 so that we can get it to the House Judiciary Committee on time.

Parishioner Protection Act of 2018

Churches and other places of worship have increasingly become soft targets.

We cannot forget the tragic church massacre in Texas were a madman killed 26 people and wounded 20 others. In Charleston, June 2015, another murderer opened fire during a church Bible study killing 9 people.

The nature of worship centers leaves parishioners vulnerable. With our minds on spiritual things and our backs to the door, places of worship are soft targets. In our rural communities, law enforcement can be 20 or 30 minutes away from responding to an intruder set on doing harm.

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler and I are behind an effort to help our churches defend their parishioners. HB 758, The Parishioner Protection Act of 2018 will permit the wearing and carrying of a concealed handgun on church owned property by any "law abiding" member of the congregation providing they have written permission from the governing body of the church and are legally able to possess a firearm in the State of Maryland.

Should this bill pass, it will allow places of worship to provide this type of protection for their congregation but it will not force any religious institution to participate.

The bill hearing for HB 758 is Tuesday, March 6 in the House Judiciary Committee. The Harford County Delegation and I are submitting an amendment to make this a pilot program in Harford County if the committee is not ready to embrace this statewide.

Here is a great news report on the bill and issue -

Transparency Act - What are they hiding?

Once again this year, I have introduced a bill to require video streaming of the House and Senate floor sessions, HB 704, Live and Archived Video Streaming of Meetings.

Maryland is one of last states to allow transparent and open access to their House and Senate floor meetings through video streaming. Governor Hogan has a similar bill and has committed the money necessary to carry this out. It may be another year before this common sense legislation passes.

You have to ask yourself, what are they hiding if they will not pass this bill?


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