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Posted Dec 21, 2017

VA Delegate election tied!

Never say your vote doesn’t count. Sometimes I hear people say their vote won’t make a difference when frustrations are high in the political climate. It’s simply not true and here is the proof.

In a highly contested State House Delegate race in Virginia last month, on election night Republican David Yancey was leading by just 10 votes over Democrat Shelly Simonds. After a recount this week, Democrat Simonds will be declared the winner by just 1 vote with a final count of 11.608 for Simonds and 11,607 for Yancey. Then late last night, election officials found one uncounted vote Yancey, now declaring the election a TIE!

With more than 23,000 votes cast in this race, clearly each and every vote made a difference.

The election may be decided by drawing a name out of a hat or flipping a coin.

Next year, Maryland’s elections will be highly competitive too. Make sure you are registered to vote and your family members are also.

You can register to vote here:

Fair and Simple tax reform passes!

More money in YOUR pocket – Fair and Simple tax plan passes!

Next year, the average American family will see a $2,059 tax cut. Taxpayers in every income group will see a tax cut with lower rates across the board.

9 out of 10 people will be able to do their taxes on a form the size of a postcard because by increasing the standard deduction, most people will not need to itemize.

The final measure maintained a $10K tax deduction for property taxes, state and local income taxes and the mortgage interest deduction is maintained too.

What a great Christmas present and New Year’s gift when average Americans will see a tax cut in their paychecks by February!

When the Democrats held the White House, Senate and House, their priority was to ram through health care which the Supreme Court called a tax. Health care costs and health insurance costs have increased dramatically since 2008, despite the promises to the contrary.

The Republicans priority is to return more of your money to you and your family. This historic tax cut plan helps everyone except the very wealthy in high tax states that use tax loopholes and special deductions because of the complex tax laws created by Washington DC insiders.

You can learn more here:

Why wouldn’t any Democrats support this plan? First and foremost, the Democrats do not want to give President Trump and the GOP held Senate and House a victory. Secondly, money is power and they want to keep more of your money in Washington DC to distribute as they see fit.

Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s rhetoric are simply not true. More than 80% of Americans will see a tax cut with this historic tax reform measure. Next year, the economy will really take off as jobs return to the US from overseas, as more people and businesses will invest in the United States of America.

SALT truth

The State And Local Tax, or SALT, deduction allowed on federal income taxes has come front and center. Taxpayers in high tax states have been allowed to deduct their state and local income taxes from their federal taxes owed. The states that do not impose state income taxes on their citizens declared it unfair to give high tax states an advantage over low tax states. Wealthy people in New York and California have been allowed to reduce their taxes paid to the federal government while the seven no income tax states, like Florida and Texas, have had to make up the difference.

Higher taxed states like California, New York, and even Maryland, will have to revisit their tax rates and hopefully find a way to lower them.

You can find more detailed information at the Tax Foundation’s website. Also, How Money Walks – Explore the Data – is a great tool to see where people are moving across our country which is often times driven by tax policies.


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God bless you and your family!