Liberty Is Not a Loophole

Posted Feb 8, 2018

Defending our 1st and 2nd Amendments

Monday night, we had a press conference supporting Kevin and Jeff Hulbert who were arrested last Monday night for peacefully protesting in Annapolis. There is no surprise to know the charges were dropped against Jeff and Kevin. They never should have been arrested.

Directly after the press conference, there was a huge protest with hundreds of people right outside the House Office Building! Please help by signing the petition.

Annapolis is the seat of political discourse in Maryland. Arresting peaceful protesters should NEVER happen again. I stand with you upon our Constitutional rights of Free Speech and Public Protest, which must be protected for everyone.

Banning Youth Football

Some lawmakers in Annapolis want to ban youth tackle football, as well as headers in soccer, for kids in elementary and middle school. Parents should be in charge of their kid's sports choices. Making sure youth coaches are protecting our kids brains and heads makes sense, but banning football and soccer headers is just going too far.

The House bill had a hearing Thursday, February 15. You can follow the bill and find more information here: pid=billpage&stab=01&id=hb0552&tab=subject3&ys=2018RS

Baltimore City bars kid's sugary drinks

Note to Baltimore City lawmakers - sugary soda is not the problem you should be focused on.

Baltimore City has a well-known serious youth violence problem. Everyone remembers the bruised and battered face of 80 year old City Councilwoman Rikki Spector after being car jacked by two violent teens in her own parking garage a few months ago.

Of Baltimore City's 39 High Schools, 13 had ZERO students proficient in math, 6 high schools where 1% tested proficient. Add it up - in 1/2 of high schools in Baltimore City, 3804 students took the state test, and only 14 students were proficient in math.

Baltimore City has many pressing problems. Yet the group called Sugar Free Kids has time and money to press a bill to bar kids from ordering soda. The City Council actually took it up. The group's director, Shawn McIntosh, says the measure would be "baby steps toward changing the culture." I think she and her supporters could truly help kids in Baltimore City by focusing on education to make sure students can read and write about how bad sugar is for their health.

AG Frosh suing over tax cuts - now you have a choice

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh must hate tax cuts. While the federal tax reform will save Marylanders about $3 billion in 2018, AG Brian Frosh says NO. He is suing the federal government saying it's not "constitutional" for you to keep more of your money.

Maryland's Attorney General is the top lawyer in our State. Shouldn't he be more concerned with the out of control crime and murder rate in Baltimore City than suing the feds over tax cuts?

Frustrated by our current AG's obsession with suing the federal government, Craig Wolf has put his hat in the race for Maryland's Attorney General this year. I am supporting Craig Wolf. He is a veteran, lawyer, husband, father, fellow motorcycle rider, helicopter pilot and our next Attorney General!

You can find more information about Craig on his website. Be sure to like and follow him on Facebook and Twitter too!

The Baltimore Sun did a nice intro piece on Craig Wolf for AG:


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God bless you and your family!