Is it a Cover-Up?

Posted Jul 7, 2017

AG Brian Frosh Loves Gerrymandering & Mike Miller

AG Brian Frosh asked a federal court to dismiss a redistricting lawsuit working its way up to the Supreme Court. Yet about one month ago, he "declined to comment" to the press after Gov. O'Malley told the courts, "'that was my hope, it was also my intent to create … a district where the people would be more likely to elect a Democrat than a Republican.'"

Prior to becoming the AG, Frosh was a Maryland Senator. In 2001, he sat on the Senate Redistricting Committee during a time when the redistricting map was so terrible it was thrown out and redrawn by the courts. President Miller appointed Frosh again to the Senate Redistricting Committee in 2012.

AG Frosh recently decided to personally represent Senate President Mike Miller when he was deposed regarding the O'Malley redistricting plan. Frosh served for 20 years in the Maryland Senate and was appointed to Chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee by Mike Miller. Frosh was involved in the last two statewide redistricting plans. He knows things. It's not surprising that he wants this case dismissed.

At the same time, AG Brian Frosh coerced the Maryland General Assembly to expand his powers and grant him an additional $1 million per year to sue the federal government and Trump Administration. He has used our tax dollars to sue because the liberals disagree with the Trump Travel Ban. He has joined Washington DC in the first of its kind lawsuit against President Trump alleging that he has violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution because the Trump companies have done business with foreigners since President Trump moved into the White House.

AG Brian Frosh is happy to take our tax dollars to sue the federal government and President Trump, gaining him some national notoriety. Yet he is working against an effort to expose the partisan political gerrymandering he saw up close and personal when he was in the Maryland Senate. Ultimately, he is working against an effort to bring redistricting reform to Marylanders.

A three-judge panel is hearing the Maryland case on July 14.

Murder Rate in Baltimore City

Unfortunately, this is turning out to be the bloodiest year on record for Baltimore City. The first six months of the year saw 170 homicides, the second highest six-month count in the history of our city. Violence is higher now than after the Freddy Gray riots. At the same time, the number of police officers is the lowest in decades.

There is a BlogSpot that tracks the names of the victims, along with the location, charges filed, or if it's still an open case. There is also a map showing where the violence is occurring.

It's disheartening to turn on the news and hear night after night about this senseless killing. Often, when they catch the perpetrator, he/she has a record and has committed other crimes. The judges and prosecutors in Baltimore City need to be tougher on the criminals committing crimes and not put them back into the neighborhoods they are harassing.

Baltimore's violence has attracted national attention. Last week, The Economist published a good piece on Baltimore's crisis.

However, their recommendations to address the issues do not include the much needed tougher on criminals judicial sentencing and prosecution approach. The other things we know Baltimore City residents need apart from safety include a better education, job training with real jobs, address the drug and addiction crisis, and support for the kids growing up in broken families. As the population steadily declines in the City, the blocks and blocks of vacant boarded up row homes continue to plague the poor neighborhoods increasing the unsafe parts of the City.

Revamping the policing in Baltimore City is underway. While the City police are working hard and care, the recent indictment of 7 City police officers for corruption show there has been a problem and action is being taken.

The Economist article points out, "This is catastrophic. A 50-minute drive from Washington, DC, black men aged 15 to 29 are as likely to die violently as American soldiers were in Iraq at the height of its Baathist insurgency."

I hope Mayor Pugh can find a way to bring meaningful and swift change to the escalating violence in Baltimore City.

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