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Posted Dec 8, 2017

Trump travel restrictions upheld

Monday, the Supreme Court upheld the President’s travel restriction by a vote of 7-2. Maryland’s AG Brian Frosh was a party to the lawsuit overturned on Monday. AG Frosh has joined in at least 17 other lawsuits against President Trump using Maryland taxpayer dollars.

In September, the Trump administration revised the policy to add North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad to the list, which also includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told reporters Monday the ruling didn’t come as a surprise. “We are not surprised by today’s Supreme Court decision permitting immediate enforcement of the president’s proclamation limiting travel from countries presenting heightened risks of terrorism,” Gidley said. “The proclamation is lawful and essential to protecting our homeland. We look forward to presenting a fuller defense of the proclamation as the pending cases work their way through the courts.”

A number of Maryland legislators and I have written to AG Frosh asking him to stop using Maryland taxpayer funds to pursue his anti-Trump agenda. Frosh is clearly putting politics ahead of your hard-earned tax dollars.

AG Frosh’s twitter feed has no mention of his defeat on the travel ban issue. What I was not too surprised to see are a number of tweets about gun control and a victory he proclaimed over the NRA defending the Maryland so-called assault weapons ban.

The US could dominate the world coal supplies!

The United State of America holds the world’s largest reserves of coal. We are the largest producer of natural gas but do not have the largest reserves. To make America energy independent and to impact world markets, we need to expand all our energy sources, especially coal.

According to the Energy Information Administration, America has enough coal reserves for hundreds of years at the current consumption rates. No fuel, other than uranium, is cheaper and coal burns clean in modern plants.

Affordable and reliable energy is a key component to American prosperity. In order to return manufacturing to the US, energy prices must be reduced. To achieve this, we need a commitment to energy cost reduction, independence and to using all kinds of energy supplies, including coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewables.

Extreme environmentalists have demonized coal. As the leader in coal reserves globally, coal can be an asset to help the USA and our global allies to move away from the Middle Eastern oil cartel. For national security, prosperity and the future of energy, for our kids and grandkids, expanding America’s coal industry should be in the balanced portfolio of energy.

Here’s a great article on coal -

Found money!

The Comptroller of Maryland, Peter Franchot, keeps a searchable list of unclaimed property. These are stocks, bonds, savings, security deposits, insurance proceeds and other valuables reported as unclaimed by financials institutions after three years.

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