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Posted May 10, 2018

Do Not Call List

If you are receiving unwanted phone calls on your home or cell phone, make sure you register your phone numbers with the National Do Not Call List. Simply visit this website to register:

Once you are on the do not call list, you can report unwanted sales calls on this website as well

Governor Hogan signs bills

Tuesday, Governor Hogan signed a slew of bills. I joined him for a few great bills.

1. Prior Bad Acts – this bill has been lingering in the legislature for years. Now the courts may allow a criminal’s history of prior sex offenses be used during the prosecution of a subsequent sex offense. After languishing in the Judiciary Committee again this year, Leader Nic Kipke and I, on behalf of the House Republican Caucus, threatened to petition that bill out of the committee and force a vote on it. Pressure from our House Caucus, as well as advocates who have worked on this bill for years, created the momentum we needed to get it passed!

2. SB 1259 - Naming the Harford County District Courthouse plaza the H. Wayne Norman, Jr. Memorial Plaza. Senator Wayne Norman passed away suddenly during the legislative session this year. This is a wonderful tribute to a great man. He is missed.

3. Baltimore County School Board Transparency – HB 76. Beginning July 1, The Baltimore County Board of Education is required to keep a public record of all meetings, votes, voice votes, etc. These records must be published on the board’s website within 72 hours and be made available to the public.

The Baltimore County School Board should not have offered Verletta White a permanent four-year contract as superintendent of the school system. Maryland State Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon was correct to reject that appointment. The Baltimore County School Board is on the brink of the first ever elected school board in the history of the county! After the November elections, the school board will have new members elected by the people. The current board should not tie the hands of the people’s choices. Additionally Ms. White had failed to disclose money received from an educational technology company on her ethics and finance reports. While she has since admitted the mistake, her former boss, Dallas Dance, is currently incarcerated for lying about his income from the same company.

Baltimore County parents and students deserve a fresh start beginning next year. I hope Dr. Salmon holds firm and denies this controversial appointment.

On behalf of the parents and students of Baltimore County, I registered my concerns and opposition to Verletta White’s four-year appointment in a letter two weeks ago to Dr. Karen Salmon.

Governor Hogan signs bills

Tuesday, Governor Hogan signed a slew of bills. I joined him for a few great bills.

President Trump successfully negotiated the release of three American prisoners being held in North Korea. North Korean prisons are brutal. There is hope that these men are in fair health. We will not forget Otto Warmbier, the American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea and died shortly after his release last year.

The release of these prisoners is, most likely, laying the groundwork for the upcoming meeting between President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

Additionally this week, President Trump withdrew from the Iran Deal entered into by President Obama. I have been a vocal opponent of the Iran Deal and highlighted this terrible agreement when running for US Senate in 2016. The Iran Deal was a huge deception that funneled 3 planeloads of cash to Iran; totaling $1.3 billion in US tax dollars.

The response from Iran was expected. Politicians in Iran’s Parliament behaved just as they have done on many occasions, taking to the floor of Parliament to chant, “Death to America.” The Iranians are not honest brokers. You cannot make a deal with people who will not allow verification of their end of the agreement.

It is a well-known fact that Iran hates America and Israel. President Trump was right to remove America’s support for this agreement. Saudi Arabia supports this bold move and says it, "supports and welcomes" President Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Iran deal and backs his plan to reinstate sanctions on the regime.

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