A Moment of Silence

Posted Mar 23, 2018

Sorrowful day

I am grief-stricken over the horrific news of the school shooting in St. Mary’s County. No parent should have to worry about their child’s safety when they send them off to school every morning. Because of the heroic actions of the School Resource Officer, Blaine Gaskill, lives were most likely saved.

Last night, 16 year old Jaelynn Wiley, was taken off life support and she passed away today. Jaelynn was the victim of Tuesday’s shooting. We are all heartbroken for her family and friends.

St. Mary’s leaders, Sheriff Tim Cameron and School Superintendent Scott Smith, both take school security extremely seriously. The school system and the police have practiced this worst-case scenario and although we dearly hope and pray that we never have to utilize such measures, their preparation was of utmost value.

Following this tragedy, I am sure there will be many people searching for answers and solutions. Getting serious about school safety is a priority and a conversation we must have. Governor Hogan has made a significant investment in school safety in his budget. Two weeks ago, I introduced HB 1801, a bill to mandate a school safety officer in every school.

Every school system truly must have armed School Resource Officers. We place armed guards at banks, jewelry stores, and in the House of Delegates. Certainly our kids are more valuable than merchandise and should be protected. Even the Baltimore Sun editorial on Wednesday this week said, “A good guy with a gun may very well have made a crucial difference at Great Mills.”

Young people, parents and grandparents need to know our kids will be safe, as well as our teachers and school personnel. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this devastating event. Parents, hug your children a little tighter tonight.

Money to sue the President or School Safety

Thursday on the House of Delegates floor, we introduced an amendment to the budget to transfer $1million from AG Frosh’s request to sue President Trump and send it to school safety programs. Currently, AG Brian Frosh has sued the federal government more than 20 times with zero success. That money would be much more effective helping keep our students safe. It is so disappointing that the amendment failed largely along Party lines. The partisan defense of AG Frosh trumped common sense.

Sanctuary State - Update - Good and Bad News

The Judiciary Committee voted down my bill, HB 1308, Keep Our Communities Safe Act, to prevent Maryland from becoming a Sanctuary State. It was a straight Party line vote. The good news is that the terrible bill to turn Maryland into a Sanctuary State has not been voted on. I do not think this bill will move out of the Judiciary.

Fighting Maryland’s stealth tax increase

Maryland families could see an increase in STATE taxes by over $500 million!

The results of the historic tax relief package from the federal government is an increase in state income taxes only in high tax states like Maryland. The analysis indicates that if the State Legislature does not act, Marylanders will get a huge $500 million stealth tax increase.

Yesterday, I fought part of the budget that transfers $200 million in “personal income tax revenue” to a special education fund. If the legislature wants to pass a tax increase for education, it should be a standalone bill that citizens can weigh in on and legislators can be held accountable for their vote.

Passing a tax increase by not acting on the federal tax reform fallout is not a “windfall” as some are calling it, it’s a tax increase on Maryland families. The truth is almost every Marylander will see a reduction in their federal taxes but it will be offset by an increase in their Maryland taxes. The liberals will blame it on President Trump instead of taking reasonability for the high taxes they have levied on Marylanders.

The media outlets in Maryland should cover this story for what it is – a huge tax increase on Maryland families.


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