Say No to Sanctuary State Status

I am the sponsor of HB 1308, Keep Our Communities Safe Act of 2018. This bill will require law enforcement to turn over illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) if asked. Common sense dictates that illegal immigrants who have both entered our country illegally then proceeded to commit crimes should be turned over to the proper federal authorities. Maryland should not protect criminal illegal immigrants. The bill hearing for HB 1308 is on March 13 in the House Judiciary Committee. I have 48 of the 50 House Republicans cosponsoring this legislation.

On the other hand, the pro Sanctuary State bill introduced last year has been introduced again this year. HB 1461, Criminal Procedure – Immigration – Supporting All Families Everywhere, will essentially establish Maryland as a Sanctuary State. HB 1461 is also being heard on March 13 in the House Judiciary Committee.

Please add your signature to the petition if you agree and SAY NO TO SANCTUARY STATE STATUS.